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Bidhya Chapagain is one of the most influential and respected journalists of Nepal. She is well-known as a former presenter of “Sajha Sawal” produced by BBC Nepal. In January 2018, she quit the BBC. And, now she has come up with the great web-based series “Herne Katha”. She presents the extraordinary life and experiences of typical Nepalese. Bidhya Chapagain’s series and her work have won the heart of every Nepalese.

Everything you should know about Bidhya Chapagain:

Name Bidhya Chapagain
Date of Birth August 23, 1982
Birth Place Gothatar, Kathmandu
Age 38 years old (2021)
Height 5 feet 3 inches
Education Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from ‘Ratna Rajya Campus’
Profession Journalist
TV Presenter
Recognitions Presenter of “Sajha Sawal”

Co-founder of “Herne Katha”

Awards  “Best Documentary Award” and,
“Best Non-fiction” in Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF 2018)
Marital Status Married

 Early life, family and education

Bidhya Chapagain was born on August 23, 1982, in Gothatar, Kathmandu. There ,she spent her whole childhood with her parents. Her parents were farmers so she used to help them around the farm. Her family was also very supportive to her.

She has a brother who used to write in the newspaper and it is one of the reasons for her motivation to become a journalist in the future. Similarly, her mother wanted her to educate well because she had to marry at a very early age and could not study. She was fond of listening to radio programs. Also, she used to read newspapers in her childhood at school’s library.

To pursue her dream in journalism, she joined the Ratna Rajya Campus. Bidhya used to write and send her articles in the newspaper. After completion of her bachelor’s, Bidhya Chapagain applied for Sajha Sawal as a presenter. She was selected as a presenter of weekly debate show ‘Sajha Sawal’ .

She is married and has a child but, there is no any detail information about her personal life.


Bidhya Chapagain’s Career

Bidhya Chapagain as a TV presenter at Sajha Sawal

Her journalism career officially began in July 2014 when she joined as a presenter in a top-rated show of Nepal, “Sajha Sawal.” Thus, she became the first female to host the BBC’s debate shows Sajha Sawal.

 She has interviewed high professionals, including former Prime Ministers, Presidents, politicians, and many more. She used to convey people’s queries up to the politicians and authorities.

In this way, she acted as a mediator between the government and the people. Her portrait as a host was very admirable and became able to grow and win audiences’ hearts.

She visited different places in Nepal during her time in Sajha Sawal. And, she got a chance to experience the actual scenario of Nepal. She encountered many extraordinary stories. And, she believed these stories needed a voice.

Even though she was getting considerable fame and money from her job, she quit the show in January 2018.

Bidhya Chapagain on Sajha Sawal/ Facebook

 Founder of Herne Katha:

After quitting her job as a presenter, she continued to explore the lifestyle of typical Nepalese. After then, she co-founded the web series “Herne Katha”- Herne means to watch, and Katha means stories.

The web series represents the actual life experiences of people from all around Nepal. “Herne Katha” portrays the real struggles of people, way of living, and infinite aspects  very organically. The series has connected people despite geographical and linguistic barriers. In her series she has revealed many untold and lost stories.


She had risked her career to represents the untold stories of ordinary people, and it was the best decision of her life. People love her show, content, and extraordinary stories. In some of her interviews, she mentioned that her satisfaction from the series “Herne Katha” is not comparable with anything.

You can watch her show on official YouTube channel “Herne Katha,” where you will find 59 videos each showcasing the unique stories of Nepal.

Bidhya Chapagain-herne katha
Bidhya Chapagain- ‘Herne Katha’

Bidhya Chapagain’s Awards

The first story was published three years before on web series “Herne Katha”, on March 1, 2018 entitled “Euta School Ko Katha”. And, it has over 291K views till now on YouTube.

The episode “The Man Who Died” premiered on March 2, 2021, won two awards. Bidhya Chapagain and Kamal Kumar, co-founder of “Herne Katha,” won the “Best Documentary Award” 2019 and “the Best Non-fiction in Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival(2018)”  for the same story. 



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