Best Nepali novels of all time: You must-read.

Best Nepali novels of all time You must-read

If you are a person who loves to spend quality time in good books, then we have come up with the best Nepali novels of all time that you must read.

Many few know about the Nepali novels and books contain the best stories and mind-blowing content. So, we have summed up some best Nepali novels of all time for those who love Nepali literature.

If you have not yet read a single Nepali literature book, the novels mentioned below will give you a different impression and make you realize what you have missed.

So, here are the 9 best Nepali novels of all time that you can start your journey within Nepali literature.

9 Best Nepali novels of all time:

1.     Karnali Blues

Karnali Blues is one of the bestselling and most rated novels. The novel is written by one of the talented Nepali authors Buddhi Sagar. The novel beautifully portrays a young boy’s struggles and different phases with his parents. It showcases the father-son relationship of a far-western region of Nepal.

Karnali blues- best Nepali novels of all time

2.     Palpasa Café- best Nepali Novel of all time

Palpasa café is a masterpiece of Nepali literature written by successful writer Narayan Wagle. The book depicts the Nepalese civil war declared by Maoists. The two main characters are Drishya and Palpasa.

Moreover, the novel became a bestseller and was also awarded Madan Puraskar in 2005.

Palpasa cafe- best nepali novel

3.     Muna Madan

Muna Madan is an epic, tragic love story based on the 18th century and is the best Nepali novel. The book was written by Laxmi Prasad Devkota and published around 1939. It became the bestselling novel of all time.

The story depicts the tragic- love story of Muna and Madan. The story follows the main character, Madan, who goes to foreign in search of a better job leaving his beloved wife Muna and old mother.

Muna Madan

4.     Pagal Basti

Pagal Basti is one of the finest and best Nepali Novels of all time. The novel, written by Saru Bhakta, won Nepal’s major literary award. The story begins with a narrator’s journey to Gandruk.

However, some find it hard to understand in one reading. So, read thoroughly until you get the book’s essence because it is worth the time.

Pagal Basti

5.     Shirish Ko Phool

Shirish Ko Phool by Bishnu Kumari Waiba is one of the best Nepali novels of all time that you must read. The novel beautifully depicts war and love in a single frame.

The novel also got published in English as ‘The Blue Mimosa’.

Shirish Ko Phool

6.     Damini Bhir

Damini Bhir by Rajan Mukarung, another masterpiece of Nepali literature, is worth reading and the Best Novel of all time. The novel portrays Nepali society’s psychology, circumstances, and cultures during the transition phase.

Further, the novel is the winner of Madan Puraskar for 2012.

Damini Bhir

7.     Seto Bagh- best Nepali Novel of all time

Seto Bagh by Diamond Shamsher is another best Nepali novel of all time on the must-read list. The novel depicts the life of the eldest son of Jung Bahadur Rana, Jagat Jung Rana.

The plot revolved around when Jung Bahadur Rana was in power and the changes after his death.

Seto Bagh

8.     Khusi

Khusi by Bijay Kumar is another best novel in Nepali literature. The novel is a collection of the author’s personal experiences about the power, money, and sex prevailing in Nepali society. Further, his masterpiece also won the Madan Puraskar.

Khusi novel

9.     Seto Dharati

Seto Dharati, by Amar Neupane, sets back between 1850- 1950 tries to reveal the bitter truth of Nepal. Further, it portrays the early marriage system and challenges a girl has to face after the death of his husband in Nepali society back then.

Seto Dharati

At last,

Nepali literature offers a variety of brilliant books to read. And, these 9 books are only a few names from plenty of Masterpieces of Nepali literature.

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