Best Free Nepali Fonts Collections For Graphics Designers

If you are a graphics designer of a creative worker, then you need to work with various Nepali typographies. Nepali Font is written within the Devanagari script that is additionally used for Hindi, Marathi as well as Sanskrit. Nepali Devanagari consists of 11 vowels and 33 consonants and is essentially phonetic, which implies that the pronunciation closely resembles the writing.

How to install Nepali fonts on a computer?

  1. Download the zip file.
  2. Extract the zip file.
  3. Click each .ttf file and install it manually or you can copy the .ttf files to the “/fonts” folder of your computer.

Here is the collection of best Nepali fonts that you can download, install, and use for free.

Best Nepali Fonts Collection

✅ Ganess Font

ganess nepali font

⬇️ DOWNLOAD Ganess Font

✅ CV Aakriti Font

aakriti font

⬇️ DOWNLOAD CV Akriti Font

✅ CV Anuradha Font

anuradha font

⬇️ DOWNLOAD CV Anuradha Font

✅ CV Bihani Font

cv bihani font

⬇️ DOWNLOAD CV Bihani Font

✅ CV Gadah Font

gadah font

⬇️ DOWNLOAD CV Gadah Font

✅ CV Mahanagar Font

mahanagar font

⬇️ DOWNLOAD CV Mahanagar Font

✅ CV Maya Font

maya font⬇️ DOWNLOAD CV Maya Font

✅ CV Rabinbold Font

rabinbold font

⬇️ DOWNLOAD CV Rabinhood Font

✅ CV Sadhana Font

⬇️ DOWNLOAD CV Sadhana Font

✅ CV Shrinagar Font

shrinagar font

⬇️ DOWNLOAD CV Shrinagar Font

✅ Dev Pental Font


⬇️ DOWNLOAD Pental Font

✅ Dina New Font

dina new font

⬇️ DOWNLOAD Dina New Font

✅ Aakar Font

akar font

⬇️ DOWNLOAD Aakar Font

✅ Abhinav Font

abhinav font

⬇️ DOWNLOAD Abhinav Font

✅ Abhyudaya Font

abhudaya font⬇️ DOWNLOAD Abhyudaya Font

✅ Ananda 1 Hv Font

ananda 1 hv font⬇️ DOWNLOAD Ananda Font Collection

✅ Ananda 5 Font

ananda 5 font

⬇️ DOWNLOAD Ananda Font Collection

✅ Ananda Akchyar Font

aananda akshya font

⬇️ DOWNLOAD Ananda Font Collection

✅ Ananda Devanagari NP Font

ananda devanagari font

⬇️ DOWNLOAD Ananda Font Collection

✅ Anuradha Font

⬇️ DOWNLOAD Anuradha Font

✅ Suryodaya Font

suryodaya font

⬇️ DOWNLOAD Suryodaya Font

✅ Himchuli Font

himchuli font

⬇️ DOWNLOAD Himchuli Font

✅ Bahunbad Font

bahun bad

⬇️ DOWNLOAD Bahundbad Font

✅ 0001 ARAP BK Font

aarap BK font


⬇️ DOWNLOAD Aarap BK Font

✅ MKali Regular Font

MKali Nepali Font

⬇️ DOWNLOAD MKali Font

✅ 001 Arap Graphic Font

arap graphic font

⬇️ DOWNLOAD Arap Graphic Font

✅ 0012 Arap Font

0012 arap font

⬇️ DOWNLOAD 0012 Arap Font

✅  Arap 002 Font

arap 002 font

⬇️ DOWNLOAD Arap 002  Font

✅  Arap 003 Font

arap 003 font download

⬇️ DOWNLOAD Arap 003 Font

✅  Lalit-B Font

lalit-B font

⬇️ DOWNLOAD Lalit-B Font

✅  Urmila Font

urmila font

⬇️ DOWNLOAD Urmila Font

✅  Khaki Font

khaki font

⬇️ DOWNLOAD Khaki Font

✅  CV Sristi Font

CV Sristi font

⬇️ DOWNLOAD CV Sristi Font


✅  009 Aarap Font

aarap font

⬇️ DOWNLOAD 009 Aarap Font

What is Nepali Font?

Nepali font is Devanagari font used for Nepali Graphics designs. There are numbers of a developer who have crafted the Nepali fonts for years now. The above-listed fonts are developed by individuals and corporations in order to help Nepali designers with their graphic works.

Who Need Nepali Font?

Nepali fonts are generally needed by the Nepali graphics designers, video editor, motion graphic editor, creative designer, print designer. These fonts are very commonly used and popular NEPALI DEVANAGARI FONTS. The above-listed fonts are owned and distributed by the respective designers.

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