Best Nepalese Traditional Interior Design Ideas To Consider


Interior design is itself a multifaceted profession that includes researching, planning, coordinating and managing the entire interior space to deliver the best look and feel for a great living experience. Interior design is simply a way to pull off a pleasing look at the interiors of a building. It can also be referred to as an art and science of creating a simple yet creative interior design for homes, which gives a fresh and healthy vibe to the people. To achieve appealing interior designs with no compromise in comfort, hiring an interior designer comes in handy. An interior architect can be a decent choice too, in case of an ongoing construction or future construction of a building.

The concept of interior design in Nepal has reached a whole new level with modernization. In the past, the interiors Nepalese homes were self-designed and decorations were less focused upon. This portrayed unmanaged interiors affecting the living experience of people. However, at the moment, Nepalese people are thriving towards designing the interiors in the best way possible. As a result, the need for interior designers is gradually increasing in Nepal too.

Though people have started to prefer professional interior designs, they still consider the taste of Nepalese traditional interior design. In a world full of contemporary interiors, a traditional vibe can be a unique taste, especially the Nepalese traditional vibe. It not only brings the flavor of one’s roots but also adds up a decent style. Such designs keep the classy vintage look of Nepalese houses alive, and at the same time, provide a comfortable living environment and appealing looks. As traditional style also lets you mix styles from different eras, you could go experimental and creative with your interior designs. But mixing styles must be harmonious without hampering the cultural and traditional feel.

Here are a few Nepalese Traditional Interior Design ideas:



Walls are the first thing that people notice when they enter the house. With traditional interior designs, you will be able to get a calm sensation from your walls. Traditional interiors tend to have neutral-colored paints or else they are made of exposed brick. This also indirectly helps in peace of mind. Additionally, you can decorate your walls with Nepalese artworks such as Thankas, landscape paintings of mountains and hills, cultural pictures of gods and goddesses, etc. Such artworks can easily be found in the streets of Thamel, Basantapur and especially in the Bhaktapur area. You might as well go for wall artworks of deities like Lord Buddha, Lord Shiva, and Lord Ganesh to get a religious vibe. On wall-stands, decorative items of hand-made pottery, brass and copper idols of deities can definitely add a beautiful charisma to your interiors. Lastly, a wooden-pendulum clock on the wall would be a great idea to bring the picture of the good old days.




If you are looking for a traditional design, choosing a wooden floor on both rooms and the staircase can be a wise selection. But if you want to use textiles on the floor instead of woods, textiles of neutral-toned colors should be used. Laying down a Nepali carpet on the floor would add up colors to the room. In case you are looking for more intense traditional looks, hay-mats (Sukul) on the floor and typical Nepalese staircase are the ones that you should go for. Such mats and staircases are mostly used in villages. But using them in a modern house is a typical way to decorate houses as well. For kitchens or entrance-way, using ceramic or porcelain tiles with brownish texture can be a smart choice.




Ceiling, when properly designed, results in elegance, and a sense of luxury. If you want to add a modern twist to your traditional ideas, you can implement a wooden false ceiling. This has been mostly preferred by people as it also gives a decent lighting experience. But if you want originality in your interiors, using dark saal wood joists in the ceiling is the right way to go. It also warms up the room. A beautiful chandelier in the living room is a pretty exquisite display of style as well. It resembles a feel of durbar style in your room enhancing your living experience. In case you go for colors rather than wooden texture, it’s better to use neutral-toned colors. This helps to preserve the calm feeling in your interiors.



Selecting the furniture might be a tough decision for you if you are not sure about the exact style of furniture for your interiors. Furniture is to be used in such a way that the spaces in the room give a cozy feeling. The furniture used in traditional design is made of wood rather than steel. Wooden windows and doors with handcrafted designs have been the landmark of Nepalese traditions. This gives a feel of typical Nepalese culture at home. Such windows and doors are used in typical Newari houses and have been in use since the medieval period. Likewise, closet, tables, and chairs in an antique design can fill up the interior with a perfect touch of classy style. A smart choice would be to select darker toned furniture so that the walls are also detailed along with the furniture.

You should always remember to keep your designs simple and not over-do the decorations. The simpler interiors help to give a better feeling than that of overly decorated interiors. Traditional designs should result in an elegant and comfortable experience, not a congested looking area. Once you complete the design you would only need minimal changes in the coming days in case you desire to remodel. With this, you will be able to get long-lasting interiors, as such designs never get out-dated. Moreover, it fits for every age group from young ones to the old ones.

Nepalese Traditional interior designs have detailed woodwork on furniture and wall decorations, neutral colors on the wall with unflashy fabrics giving a calm and classy style overall. Such style is a perfect match for Nepalese houses as Nepal is mostly known for being rich in cultural traditions. Traditional interior design helps to showcase the cultures through Nepalese artworks, furniture carvings, architectural designs, pottery works and many more. If you are a person with a taste of traditions and cultures, it is recommended that you go for Nepalese traditional interior designs, and get the most desirable and alluring designs for your beautiful house.

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