6 Best iPhone Keyboard Tips that Must be Known

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Are you an iPhone user? Do you know about the most valuable hacks that can save your time, such as using the onscreen keyboard? Then, it is crucially important for you to acquire the most efficient keyboard tips to prevent unwanted breakdowns. Because, at times, due to frequent keyboard usage, you can encounter numerous tech-problems. Primarily, iPhone keyboards are widely recognized for rendering super flexible and high-end performance.

Be it accuracy, word predictions, or auto-correction — the iPhone keyboard is possibly the best gift to mankind. And, when it comes to using the iPhone keyboard, several keyboard apps are readily available in the App Store. However, these apps directed keyboards can drain the battery expectancy and are mostly known for generating excessive heat. Ultimately, this will make the iPhone dysfunctional within a short span of time. So, simply avoid these apps and only use the native iOS keyboard.

If you are one of those, who primarily use their iPhone keyboards for writing notes, sending official emails, texting, and performing other essential functions, then it’s time to learn the basic features that are widely offered for iOS device owners.

And, you might not be aware of this part, that with the advent of continuous iOS updates, the functionality of the keyboards gets better. So, if you want the iPhone keyboard to provide its optimal performance, it is suggested to opt for an immediate system update. With this, you get tons of other hidden features, that permit the iPhone users to enhance the keyboard
So, now, it’s time to explore the hidden keyboard features that will be highly beneficial for every iPhone user.

iPhone Keyboard Hacks that You Must Know

Surprisingly, you might spend an ample amount of time accessing the iPhone keyboard, but there is something that you still need to learn. So, here we are complying with the best and super swift keyboard features that will enhance your experience.

1. Enable the Text Replacement Feature

Have you ever heard about the text replacement option on the iPhone keyboard? If not, then let it be very clear if you are in a hurry and in the utmost urgency to send emails or text messages to multiple people, simply opt for this easy-to-use option.
Further, you might not be aware of this, but now it’s high time to acknowledge that every iOS device comes with a built-in text expansion feature. And, by just equipping this simple feature, the iPhone owners can expand any sort through precise text snippets. And, transform that into a word, sentence, and even long paragraphs with ease. However, this feature will only apply when you have to type an address or a small chunk of text. Once you enable the Text Replacement feature, syncing with the other Apple devices can be performed easily. Because, after the syncing process, iCloud automatically gets linked with the respective iOS devices that you want to connect. And, if you encounter any sort of difficulty while accessing this feature, iPhone repair Dubai is always there to assist you.

Steps to Enable the Text Replacement Option
And, if you have already accessed this feature, then by now you might have acknowledged the
benefits of it. But, if you are one of those, who have not yet turned on this easily accessible
feature, then here are the steps for you to conveniently enable that:

  • Initially, the iPhone users need to start by tapping on the “Settings” option.
  • Now, proceed with opting for the “General” option and along with it, navigate to the
    “Keyboard” section.
  • Once you relocate it, simply tap on it, and then select the “Text Replacement” option.
    And, finally, tap on the “+” icon to add a new shortcut.

That’s it! Simply, step ahead and move to the Phrase section, write the text messages that you want to send to the recipients. Now, it’s time to create a shortcut name for the written text messages. Make one that you can easily recognize when you are lacking inadequate time to manage multiple texts. So, enhance your productivity with this easily manageable keyword tool.

2. Change the Settings

Whether you have recently become an iPhone owner or owning an iPhone for ages — sorting the keyboard settings will be effective for your day-to-day use. So, here is a quick keyboard setting check for the new-old iPhone users.

  • Well, you need to first simply, opt for the “Settings” menu. Next, it is crucial to tap on the
    “General” option.
  • Now, look out for the “Keyboard” section and wait for a while until the next screen pops
  • Make sure, you have toggled on the required keyboard options as per your preferences.

Generally, you will get a wide range of keyboard options to choose from. The list includes auto-correction, predictive text suggestions, smart punctuation, character preview, auto-capitalization, and significant options. Eventually, you can even enhance your functionality, by just enabling/disabling the “.” shortcut. Primarily, with the help of this feature, double-tapping the spacebar has become easier and convenient. However, most iPhone users don’t prefer enabling this option. But, in certain circumstances, including entering specific characters for data entry, coding, and essential aspects, surely opt for changing the keyboard settings.

3. Definitely Opt for the Undo Typing

Well, imagine a scenario where you have mistakenly typed an incorrect word/sentence while sending an important official mail, and you don’t have adequate time to check the right spelling or grammatical errors. Simply, shake the iOS device to promptly undo the previous action. Moreover, this feature is mostly required when you have opted for writing/deleting long
paragraphs/notes. Despite removing the entire paragraph, now you can simply shake the iPhone a little to immediately remove what you have previously written. To turn this efficient option on, it is suggested to

  • Go to the “Settings” menu, next tap on the “Accessibility”,
  • Choose the“Shake to Undo” button.
  • After firmly shaking it, the “Undo Typing” box will appear on the screen. Simply, tap on the
    “Undo” option from the pop-up window, that’s it!

4. Add Required Words in the iPhone Dictionary

Well, this is probably the best keyboard hack that you must learn while using the iOS device in the long run. Technically, adding the required words in the iPhone's dictionary can be quite troublesome. So, in certain cases, you have to consider thinking the other way round. Simply open the “Contacts” section to add a preferable word. Basically, now you don’t have to fret over simple things. Whether you are unable to recognize a renowned company name, the location of your nearby shop, and even the vendor’s name from the contacts section- simply look for it in your iPhone contacts.

When you will write the added word in the future, it will eventually come up as a predictive text recommendation. So, what are you waiting for? Make your texting easier with these easy options.

5. The Usefulness of the 3D Touch Cursor

Practically, this feature is only available for those who own iPhone 6s or the latest iPhone models. Simply, tap on the keyboard for a moment and it will eventually turn into a virtual trackpad.
After transforming it into a trackpad, you can move it in any direction as per your convenience. Along with it, the 3D cursor will eventually move in the same direction as the trackpad. The iPhone users can even highlight a certain portion of text after accessing the trackpad mode. So, move ahead and bring the best out of the iPhone keyboard.

6. Implement the Shift Key Gesture

Well, you might have to promptly capitalize on a certain letter. So, simply swipe the Shift key to that particular letter and wait for the magic to happen. Use this gesture and avoid the inconvenience while performing any essential official job.

Navigate, Enable, and Explore!

Wait! These were some of the valuable keyboard tips that are highly suggested for implementing. There are few more keyboard options that iPhone users can absolutely opt for. This includes using the number key gesture, dictation, landscape Keyboard mode for Plus iPhone Models, and other features. So, simply get to know about these exclusive features and bring a significant change in your working procedure.



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