10 Romantic❣️and Best Dating Spots in Mahendranagar

Mahendranagar, now known as Bhimdatta is a city in Kanchanpur District of Sudurpaschchim Pradesh in Nepal. It is the 9th largest city in Nepal and is best known as a neighboring city to India. If you are planning to visit Mahendranagar or Bhimdatta with your loved ones, We present you with 10 romantic and best dating spots in Mahendranagar where you can chill and spend some quality time.

1. Evergreen Waterfall

Evergreen Waterfall is also known as Baraamashe Jharana. It takes around 35 minutes by road and around 3-4 hours of walking to reach the waterfall. It is a beautiful place in peace and serenity where you can enjoy some quality time with your loved ones.

2. Rhythm Waterfall

Rhythm Waterfall is a popular waterfall in Mahendrangar. The water falling from a height makes it more beautiful and it’s the best place to hang out with your loved ones. You can capture some photos together and play with the cool water. It takes around 10 to 15 minutes from Evergreen Waterfall.

3. Shunkla phanta National Park

Shukla Phanta National Park has the largest grassland in the Far Western Terai. It is also home to Nepal’s largest population of swamp deer. You can go on a Jungle safari to watch some wild animals such as tigers, rhinos, crocodiles, wild elephants, and migratory birds. Spending time with your loved ones in laps on nature is the best date you could ever have.

4. Tripura Sundari Temple

It is a beautiful temple located in Mahendranagar. The temple is built in peace and serenity where you can chill out and hang out with your loved ones. It is located a few minutes from the Mahendra Highway.

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5. Mahakali river

What can be a better date than sitting on the edge of the entire country and watching the sunset and sunrise with your loved ones? You can sit at the banks of the Mahakali river or maybe you can do some fishing.

6. Dodhara Chadani Suspension Bridge

If you wanna spend more time with your loved ones, just take them on a walk-in Nepal’s longest suspension bridge. Dodhara Chadani or Mahakali is the longest suspension bridge over the Mahakali from where you can see the spectacular sunrise and sunset view. The view of the Mahakali river from the bridge is so beautiful.

7. Jhilmil Lake


Jhilmila lake lies 21 Km north of Mahendranagar, headquarter of Kanchanpur. Located at a height of 1528 m in the Chure range makes it more amazing than the lakes in urban areas. You can reach the destination by traveling 20.5 Km by road transport and 750 m walk. There are thousands of fishes jumping in groups in the lake which makes it a more enjoyable visit.

8. Sahid Bheemdatt Park

The only park in Mahendranagar, Sahid Bheemdatt Park is where you can escape from the city and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones. There is greenery everywhere inside the park and benches to sit and hang out. You can feel closer to nature and chill with your loved ones

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9. Shiva Mandir

Shiva Mandir is religious place located in beautiful environment.It has pond in backyard and several benches to chill out .You go there to hang out with your loved ones.The temple lies on the side of Mahendra Highway and is easily accessible.

10. Mahendrangar Museum

Mahandranagar Museum is a newly opened museum and still under construction but you can have your early ticket to the museum. There are different statues and photogenic places inside the museum where you can click photos and hang out. The main attraction of the place is the helicopter that is parked inside the museum. You have to pay certain fees to enter the museum but it’s worth it for the quality time you can spend with your loved ones.