5 Beautiful Nepali Singers

beautiful nepali singers

If we look 10 years back, the music audience used to be limited. Youtube was not that popular. The best means of music distribution used to be cassettes and CDs.

Nepali music industry is booming with the increase in internet penetration. More audience means big business. Now, with the easy access to Youtube and other social media platform. it is easy enough to distribute the music across the world.

Today, I am not going to talk about music history and music trend. I am here to list the most beautiful young singers of Nepal who are most widely searched and preferred on Youtube and social media platform.

Here are the list of top 5 most beautiful Nepali singers.

Melina Rai

Melina Rai is one of the busiest singers in Nepal. Beautiful Melina is giving her sweet voice in movies songs, solo modern songs, duet and in her own albums. Although it is not been a long time that her entry in Nepali music industry, she has been able to make a room for millions of Nepali audiences.

She is busy with national and international shows, playback singing, and also modern songs. Her father Jibes Rai music composer, teacher, who taught her everything about music. Find out the latest music of her-

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Trishala Gurung

Trishala Gurung is another beautiful singer who rose her fame in cover songs. She is studying medical course but leading music as her second career. She started her musical journey with cover songs. Her passion for music led her to sing cover songs. Later on, her voice became popular on social media platforms. As of now, she has sung, many cover songs along with her solo song.

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Prabisha Adhikari

Prabisha Adhikari is another beautiful singer of Nepal. She is an established playback singer Nepali film and music industry. Her collaboration song “Phool Hoina” with Pratap Das in movie Rose has been loved by audiences.

Prabisha Adhikari is known for her remarkable playback singing since a decade in the Nepali Movie Industry, and therefore taken as a renowned Nepali playback singer.

Trishna Gurung

Trishna Gurung has her own type of rhythm in music. She has her own Youtube channel. Trishna Gurung is one of the beautiful young singers of Nepal with thousands of fans and followers. Her famous songs including Maya Pirati, Rail Lai Ma, Khani ho Yamu, Gurasai Fulyo any many more. Her voice suits for western Nepali Folk Modern music.

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Nicki Karki

Nicky Karki is another popular beautiful singers of Nepal. She also rose in the signing from cover songs. She has sung many Nepali and Hindi cover songs along with her own solo songs.

Her popular songs are Jet Udauchu, Mero Duniya Beglai Chha.  She has won awards like Bhanu Jayanti 2011 (Poem ), Singing Competition 2004, Chandda Baddha Kabita Recitation etc. 

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