This is The Truth Behind “Australia Kanda” – STOP IT

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What is Australia Kanda?

In recent days, there are lots of negative sensations burning around Nepali social media channels. Especially among youths, the “Australia Kanda” is spreading like a virus.  Everybody asking like..” link, please … link… link…”  and many of you just Googling stupid things.

You don’t believe it? See Google!

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Also. many people making videos over “Australia Kanda”. But without proper research and study, just for the sake of gaining views. Some Youtube channels and websites even claiming that the clip is made by Nepali in Australia. I even saw that their video is compared with some other girl living in Australia.

But this is not the fact. Yes!

We do feel that it is our obligation to bring you the real story behind every trending sensation. This is what our motto is. 

The Truth!

australia kanda
Luis Bazalar Owner of the video  

He is the man behind the original video. His name is Luis Bazalar living in Trenton, New Jersey, US. He owns the video and uploaded that video in a popular adult site a few weeks ago. 2 min long video clip that is been going trending all over Nepali social media is a small clip taken from his video.

australia kanda

That video clip is neither from Australia nor they are Nepali. According to him, the girl is from west India. He uploaded a few (at least 10) similar videos on his verified channel. He explained that he makes adult videos just to earn money.  He also explains that his channel gained huge subscribers within very little time.

So, no more explanation about his business. Just be sure that he is the owner of that video and girl is from India living in Guyana.

Who are they?

Australia kanda truth fact

I also saw lots of people just uploading this video comparing with that previous clip. This is why most of you got confused. But the truth is, they do not associate with this clip. Their videos that have been uploaded in the title “Australia Kanda” just match the context.

So, do not abuse other people without proof.

Our Say,

Please do not spread the wrong message! There are thousands of our brothers and sisters living in overseas. This type of wrong information misleads people the spread negativity. Also, if you abuse other people without any proof they may file a case and you may be charged [jailed].

Share this post with everyone to let them know the truth. And one last thing! Sorry guys no link 😝

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