Ashish Puri, Creator and Admin of  Facebook Page ‘Troll Pokhara’  Biography

Ashish Puri Biography

Nowadays, Memes have become one of the major sources of entertainment in social media. Have you ever wondered creators and creative minds behind making funny and interesting memes? Well, today, we have come up with detailed information about Ashish Puri, Admin of the popular meme page “Troll Pokhara”.

Who is Ashish Puri?

Ashish Puri, an enthusiastic and young personality from Pokhara, is a real source of inspiration for many youths. He has hands in different fields and got expertise in all at a very young age. You might be amazed knowing that he is a Photographer, media personality, fashion choreographer also an emerging entrepreneur of Pokhara in his early 20s.

Moreover, he is the creator and Admin of the popular Meme page “Troll Pokhara”. Many of us have laughed while reading the memes on the page. But, only a few people know about his story and his struggles. So, here is the quick information about Ashish Puri:


Name Ashish Puri
Date of Birth 11th  November, 1999
Birth place Lakeside, Pokhara
Current Address Pokhara, Nepal


Religion Hindu
Age 22 (as of 2021)


5 feet 6 inches


Bishnu Puri


Radha Puri
School /Collage


 Srijana Higher Sec. School, Pokhara /

Sagarmatha Higher Sec. School, Pokhara


Education qualification Pursuing Bachelor in Information Management, TU


Journalism, Web Development, Digital Marketer, Business Promotion, Fashion & Event, Photography & Graphics
Relationship status




Films & Cinema, Travelling, Reading, Art & Design, Communication.
Net worth N/A

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 Early life and family

Ashish Puri, son of Bishnu Puri and Radha Puri, was born in the beautiful city of Lakeside, Pokhara. Besides him, he has a brother and a sister named Aayush Puri and Anupama Puri. Ashish has been very creative and curious since childhood. Coming from a business-oriented family, he also got the values and importance of business.

Age and date of birth

Ashish Puri was born is 11th November 1999. So, as of 2021, he is 22 years old.

 Education qualification

Growing up in Pokhara, Ashish completed his schooling and college from Srijana Higher secondary School and Sagarmatha Higher Secondary School. Despite being involved in many fields, he is equally prioritizing his studies. Now, he is studying Bachelor in Information Management at Janapriya Multiple Campus, TU. 

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Career and achievements of Ashish Puri:

Ashish was born in a service business-oriented family, so he got an opportunity to gather knowledge about business fields. Besides running his family business ‘Tasty Momo’, he worked on various aspects. And he aims to promote business in Nepal.

Due to his keen interest in information technologies, he learns Web development, Graphic designing, video editing, photoshops, Apps development and many more. Similarly, he is also involved in Photography, Media journalism and event management.

Ashish Puri

Currently, he is doing photojournalism and organizes and manages different events on Pokhara and his bachelor’s studies. Further, he runs the “Troll Pokhara” page that has about 760K likes at present. Besides, he is working actively on other online platforms too.

Moreover, he has hands-on social activities too, therefore involved in various social groups and clubs. A few of them are Rotaract Club, Dashnami Yuwa Samaj, Film Journalist Association and Federation of Journalists.

Relationship status:

According to Ashish Puri, he is focusing on his career and has not got the time to make relationships. So, the Admin of the popular meme page ‘Troll Pokhara’ is still single.

Hobbies and Interests

With his hands in various fields in his free time, he loves to explore new places, watch movies and read books. Similarly, he is also interested in art and designing.

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The net worth of Ashish Puri

Ashish is the inspiration for students who are studying and still want to explore different career aspects. His major source of earning is the online service business “Tasty Momo”, Photojournalism and event planning. But, there is no clear information about his actual earning and net worth.

Social media activities

One of the most prominent identities is Ashish Puri’s as Admin of Facebook page ‘Troll Pokhara’. But, he is also active on other social media platforms like Instagram and Linked In.

It’s all about Pokhara based versatile and energetic youth Ashish Puri. If you want to know more about him, you can visit ashishpuri.com.np.

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