Anish Tamang early life, Education, Age, Sex, career, and wiki-bio

Anish Tamang can be the source of artistry for many youngsters. He started his career at an early age and has able to become first body painter of Nepal.

Life is full of happiness and sorrow. Success is the outcome of hard work, loyalty, perfection and persistence. Many hard works and struggles are mandatory to become successful. Anish Tamang is the live example of hard work and dedication.

Additionally, Anish Tamang is a Gay and belongs to the LGBT community. We all know that LGBT community is abused and harassed by many people from decades. Despite all those circumstances, Anish proved himself to be a successful artist.

Here I will tell you everything about inspiring personality Anish Tamang

Name Anish Tamang
Date of birth February 28, 1995
Father’s Name Bikram Waiba Tamang
Mothers Name N/A
Nationality Nepali


Age 26 years old
Education College fromV.S. Niketan higher secondary School

BHM from Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management.


Profession Makeup artist, Body Painter
Sexual orientation Gay
Relationship status Single
Net worth N/A
Interest Dancing , flight attendant


Who is Anish Tamang?

Anish Tamang Body Painting
Anish Tamang Body Painting/Instagram

Anish Tamang is the first body painter and popular Makeup  artist of Nepal. Mr. Anish is not sexually straight but is gay. Moreover, Anish is a student of Hotel Management. Also, he is interested in aircraft and wants to become a flight attendant. He is a source of inspiration to the LGBT community and many Nepalese Youngsters.

Early life

Anish Tamang was born in the year 1995. His father’s name is Bikram Waiba Tamang. Unfortunately, his mother’s name is not disclosed. Anish was interested in MakeupMakeup since his childhood. He was influenced by the Makeup and dancing form of his mother. Though he was trying to do what he loves, most people used to bully and treat him badly. So, His childhood memories were not good enough.


Getting to education, Anish was not academically good enough during his school days. Anish  joined V.S. Niketan, where he completed his high school in Science faculty. Later on, He got enrolled for BHM in Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management.

Age and Birthday

Anish Tamang was born in the year 1995. He celebrates his birthday on February 28 every year. As of 2021, he is 26 years old.

Is Anish Tamang sexually straight or not?

Anish Tamang-
Anish Tamang/ Instagram

Mr. Tamang is biologically a boy. He was unaware of his kind. Later on, he found himself liking boys more than a girl. Thus, he is not sexually straight but is gay. He revealed that he has 70% feelings for a boy and 30% for a girl in an interview.


His boyfriend and relationships are hidden from the public eye and internet sources. He is ready to get into a relationship if a perfect person is found. He wants to uplift the LGBT community and fight to change the perception of the other of them.

Anish Tamang- Career

Anish Tamang
Anish Tamang/ Instagram

He had a keen interest in Makeup  at a very young age. He used to do Makeup  with his mother’s makeup kit box. Likewise, Tamang joined the modelling industry in  2013. In his Modelling, instead of going for a makeup set, he used to make up himself.

For instance, he was asked to do Makeup  by his sister. He did it very well. Later, He started doing Makeup  and brought himself as a makeup artist.

Sadly, during 2018, he went through a traumatizing situation. He faced many difficulties during those days. Consequently, Anish started to show his emotional expression through his body painting. Finally, this leads him to establish himself as a body painter. Now he does body painting very well. It takes him 9 to 13 hours to complete one painting.

Additionally, He is a star in social media from where he came into the spotlight. Interest and Passion

Besides makeup artist and body painting, Anish loves to spend time  in aircraft. He wants to be a professional flight attendant. Being a hotel management student, he is also interested in its subject matters. Moreover, he is a good dancer. He has given stage performances as well.

Social Media Activites

Body Painting of Barsa Raut by Anish Tamang
Body Painting of Barsa Raut by Anish Tamang/Instagram

Anish  was in the limelight from social media. He performs his acting skills through his TikTok account. Anish shows his presence on Instagram through an account name @divin-ish-. He holds a YouTube channel with his title name ‘Anish Tamang.

He is also active on Facebook. On every social media, he posts his art and skills of body painting. Moreover, Anish Tamang has 2.8k subscribers on his YouTube channel, and there he uploads painting videos with celebrities. Recently, Anish did a unique body painting over a famous Actress Barsha Raut.

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