African girl singing the Nepali song Phul Butte Sari is getting viral.

Phul Butte Sari has been gaining a lot of popularity with different versions released on Youtube. There are so many versions of Phul Butte Sari now that you are getting sick of it. But, this new version of Phul Butte Sari would definitely warm your heart. Recently, the video of an African girl singing the Nepali song Phul Butte Sari is getting viral.

Music has no language. Good music is appreciated all over the world. With the African girl covering a Nepali song, it definitely shows that the Nepali music industry has gotten much better than in past days. Ugandan singer De Captain Beyonce Famacy has beautifully covered the song, Phul Butte Saari. 

The video which was uploaded by dika entertainment has already garnered over 600,000 views. In the video, Beyonce starts off by dedicating it to the beautiful people all around the world especially Nepali people. She says she loves Nepal and Nepali people and starts singing the song beautifully. Despite being a foreigner, Beyonce amazed with her beautiful vocals and perfect pronunciation.

The comments in the video read as:

I really appreciate this woman for her effort ,( the way she pronounced Nepali lyrics with accent)          and for promoting our Nepali music . and must say she has very beautiful voice ❤️-  Sheela Stha

Nepali music industry is taking over different part of the world Happy to see this ✌ – Prajesh KC

It clearly shows that music is feeling. Does not matter what language is. And I really salute you.- Lobsang Yoten

I am glad to see that our Nepal’s song is getting popular in the world.❤- Kusma Magar

She sang better then most of Nepalese including me😅 it’s not even her mother toungue Damn Respect 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻- Maz Rai

You can watch the video here and comment down below what you think about this video.