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Aayushi KC
Name Aayushi KC
ResidenceKathmandu, Nepal
Alma MaterKathmandu College of Management
Known forCEO of Khaalisisi
Years active 2016-present
SpouseAmun Thapa
Favorite Quotefall in love or fall in hate
get inspired or be depressed
ace a test or flunk a class
make babies or make art
speak the truth or lie and cheat
dance on table or sit in the corner
life is divine chaos.

Aayushi KC is Nepali entrepreneur, Social influencer, Speaker and, best-known for founder and CEO of khaalisisi.com. Khaalisisi is a digital platform that connects waste sellers to waste entrepreneurs. Aayushi KC had a respected and well-paying job at USAID Nepal. But, she wanted to something different. So, she left the job with the dream of starting a trash-collection company.

When she explained her idea to her friends and family members, everyone laughed. But she did not care.She continuously kept refining her idea.  Today, Khaalisisi is not only a business but it is a problem-solving idea.

aayushi KC khalisisi
Yayushi KC khalisisi


Khaalisisi logo

Khaalisis.com is a platform for efficient mobilization of recyclable trash. We all know about the 3Rs – reuse, recycle and reduce. But how many of us apply that in our daily lives? Most of what goes to our bins and landfills can actually be reused and recycled.

The tree that we cut to make paper could still be alive had we saved paper for recycling. Like that there are millions of everyday products that we throw away like it has no purpose. And we are wrong! Therefore, Khaalisisi.com is an effort to ensure that waste that still has value in them do not end up in a landfill.

How Khalisisi Works
How Khalisisi Works

Khaalisisi is one of the startups from Nepal to reach Google Business Group (GBG) stories challenge 2017.

Listed in Forbes 30 Under 30

Aayushi KC had been named Forbes Under 30 – Asia. Aayushi and along with Kanchan Amatya [founder of Sustainable Fish Farming Initiative] were listed in the Forbes 30 user 30 under the social entrepreneurs’ category. They were selected from more than 2000 nominations with the help of A-list judging panel for their contribution to change for the better.

Aayushi KC
Aayushi KC


My thought!

Definition of a LIFE is not only about living ourselves, but also making change for society and people. She is a perfect example of this statement. If she thought only about money and herself, probably a job at USAID could be enough, but doing a job was not enough for her. She wanted to do something bigger for society and even for the country. So, she turned into a social entrepreneur and founded Khaalisisi Management Pvt. Ltd. (Khaalisisi.com).

Today, Khaalisisi connects more than 13,000 recyclable waste-buyers to waste-sellers, helping to substantially increase the diversion of recyclable materials away from landfills. This not only helps to keep the environment clean but also converting waste into money.







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