A lawyers first case and it’s against her father

Mamata Shrestha is a newbie lawyer and her first case is filed against her own father. She shares her story to file the first case of her career against her own father on her Facebook wall and it has gone viral.

In her post, she writes that she filed a case against her father for domestic violence that she and her father tolerated for the past 22 years. She further writes it was not easy for her to file the case and it took her five minutes to write a single report but for her mom, it took 22 years to file the single report. She says prays to every domestic household that is silently fighting against her abusers and who have fought against their abusers.

She,  in her Facebook post , writes as follows :

Today is my first day for Masters classes instead I am in police station of Illam . Its Chaitra 9 morning and I am filling case againt my father .
Behind this picture is police station where I left a report and father with records of violent and abusive history for past 22 years and last Chaitra 7 saturday night . Before this picture is my mother with teary eyes and bruised hands .
As a daughter when , I filled for report, my hands felt scared – scared as the time when my hands were poured with hot water by my father -because I spilled some tea on carpet ! Yet powerful as the hands of seven year old Kid which tried to stop beating hands of father that were inflicted upon mummys skin .
As a just newbie lawyer , when I holded onto pen to write report ,my hands felt scared . Scared and dangerous as the hands of newly licensed doctor who is making way to do operation for the first time , who is allowed to grab scissors and knives alone for the first time . Yet powerful as the eyes of a kid who dreams of becoming doctor and then later treats his mummys disease for the first time .
Inside police station , it took me five minutes to write a single report . However it took 22 years for mummy just to – file a single report……
– Today , I pray to every domestic households that are silenlty fighting against their abusers and who have fought against their abusers.🌼🌼


This is a great inspiration for people to take a fight against domestic violence. Domestic violence is a crime and it’s sad that people still don’t take it as a crime . Either it be for the sake for the family reputation or the future of the children, the abused victims are still hesitating to speak against this abuse and to file a case. It probably wasnot easy for Mamata Shrestha to file the case against her own dad but justice needs to be served even if the culprit is your own blood. Kudos to her courage !




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