99aana.com : Nepal’s No 1 Property Website


In the earlier days, when we thought or planned to buy any property, we had to visit the property location to check whether it matches our requirements or not. Also, if you needed a room, flat or house, you need to roam around the entire area and check if the house hanging banner saying TO-LET or ask the house owner whether there is a vacant room or flat.


And even if you found a room or flat, there used to be a lot of the owner’s requirements and conditions to get the space. But luckily, these scenarios have changed these days with the digital era.
Currently, its easy to find if anyone wants to sell their property, or buy another’s property or if any room is vacant in anyone’s house. You can head over to the internet and search for property whether you need it for rent or purchasing. Also, you can sell your property without much hassle. If you are thinking about how much a hectic and important task can be so easy, then this article is for you. To find your desired property or even to sell your property, all you need is to open your web
browser and open 99aana.com.

99aana.com is Nepal’s No 1 Property Website and has been adjudged as the most preferred property site in Nepal, by independent surveys. The website provides a platform for property buyers and sellers to locate properties of interest and source of information on the real estate space in a transparent and unambiguous manner.

What is 99aana.com?

99aana.com is relatively a new property portal that was just established in 2019. In Spite of being a new business, the company is serving quite sophisticatedly to meet every aspect of the customer’s needs and requirements in the real estate industry.

99aana private limited

It is a forum where any buyers, sellers, and brokers can communicate easily and quickly despite being in different locations. At 99aana, you can advertise your property, search for a property, browse through properties and keep yourself updated with different properties available to buy, sell, rent.

They have listed only the genuine properties and do not deal with fake or doubted properties. They provide information about buying, selling and leasing various types of real estate in Nepal. The company has already managed to help a number of property seekers to get or sell the property in such a short time. And all the credit goes to the creative and intuitive young minds of the team.

Why should you go for 99aana.com?

99aana.com is providing an online platform to real estate developers, brokers and property owners for listing their property for sale, purchase or rent. 99aana.com offers advertisements such as banners, home page links and project pages to the clients for better visibility and branding in the market.
With the ever-evolving online search behavior, 99aana.com shares updated information pertinent to real estate activities, assisting prospective buyers to make an informed buying decision. We make online property search easier, quicker and smarter! Some of the features of this online property portal are listed below:
#Easy to buy, sell and lease the property
The website of 99aana is very user-friendly and easy to navigate through the website. A normal user without much technical knowledge can also list their property without much hassle. You can find the properties listed categorizing in different ways like location, amount and property type-wise which make property seekers easier to find their desired property.

#Complete the information about the property
One of the best things about 99aana is that we verify every listing manually before publishing it on our website. The property values, amenities, price, surrounding information, and every factor that you need to know before finalizing a property is written in detail and verified by our team members.
#Direct contact with the owner
For negotiations and further inquiries, you can directly contact the property owner. His or her contact number is mentioned in particular property details. We do not ask for any commissions from rent-seekers or property owners. We just provide an intermediate option to help people buy, sell or rent their properties.

#Saves time and money
99aana.com is an online property portal which helps you save your time and money. As a property seeker, you do not need to visit door to door and do inquiry and it ultimately saves time and money. Also, you can check every detail and then decide to visit the property for a final check. Summing it all, 99aana.com is a super friendly website to help everyone buy, sell or rent properties without the hassle of running here and there to find their desired property.


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