9 Instagram Marketing Strategies To Drive More Conversions

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It’s the perfect time to research if your marketing strategy on Instagram does not provide the specific results you expect. According to the research, 65% of Instagram users use the platform to discover products. Many brands and businesses utilize Instagram to the maximum extent as a result.

The platform has grown well, and it’s time to think about your marketing strategy on Instagram. Here, we have highlighted nine exclusive marketing tips on Instagram for every brand interested in increasing their sales rates on social media.

Fix On a Product-Focused Calendar

You want to fix what to upload on the platform to increase your sales at first. The most famous content type on the platform is product-based content posts. Also, it requires a strong presentation. No one wishes to get your content if it is simple product pictures.

Beyond pictures, video content must be your marketing strategy part on the platform as well. Entertaining and eye-catching, Boomerang video content is a good game. Most of the massive brands on the platform use engaging videos to showcase their excellent products.

Bring Your Creativity

Every brand’s primary motivation is gaining more sales, but they face crowded competition. To overcome this, you want to bring your creativity to the maximum extent. Brands that produce exciting and creative content acquire more fans.

There are excess opportunities to sell your products if you have more followers. Colors are the front part to grab the audience’s attention on the platform. Many brands use aesthetic color patterns to keep their feed section attractive. 

Humor is another famous tactic to bring more Instagram impressions. Whether it’s a caption or meme, the audience generally accepts funny content more, and it may drive you to conversions.

Bind Your Posts With Hashtags

Instagram and hashtags work in the same direction. Hashtags are the exact way for new fans to get your content and also encourage the audience to share posts relevant to your business or brand. For instance, eCommerce brands should have brand-specific hashtags to gain more audience to their content.

Branded hashtags are not the only way, but various industry-related hashtags are relevant to your audience. The platform contains over one billion active users. So, merging with small communities is better than connecting with huge tags(for example, #haircare or #food).

Promote UGC (User Generated Content)

It’s a big thing. Customer images are a pure gem. Developing your content with UGC is the perfect way to sell your excellent products. Discovering these images is possible, but it’s time-consuming. Analyzing hashtag mentions and asking permission manually for every UGC piece of content is not more efficient, especially if you’ve fans uploading customer images frequently.

Bring Sales With Instagram Stories

In the recent past, stories seem to be a dominating content part. Retailers and eCommerce brands report that they gain more Instagram story views for increased brand visibility. With Instagram consisting of over 550 million active users, retailers and e-commerce brands get more brand visibility with Instagram story views since most users spend more time watching Instagram stories.

Instagram story contents allow brands with infinity freedom of creativity to promote products. Whatever the content is either a selfie or attractive product image with the proper CTA(Call To Action) posting regularly, it puts your brand or business in the front and middle in the feed section of your Instagram followers.

Make Instagram Relevant Landing Pages

Instagram allows brands to bring a single link to gain traffic from Instagram directly to your site. For instance, don’t publish your homepage link to the bio section on Instagram. Through working this, it limits your social traffic or the Revenue On Investment(ROI) of your marketing strategy on Instagram. And make sure that the landing pages are well optimized for mobile users on Instagram. 

And also, monitor the conversions and clicks that strike on your bio links on Instagram. Many brands use the Bitly links, which helps understand your Instagram traffic behavior plus native analytics on Instagram.

Promote Your Products Through Ads Feature On Instagram

Paid ads allow you to hook particular target audiences and increase your promotion. Ad feature on Instagram is helpful for retail and eCommerce brands.

Nowadays, most of the top brands on the platform use story ads to showcase their products attractively and gain more conversions.

You could use top-performing products or posts on Instagram to run ads though it acquires more engagements. Also, you can run the carousel images ad and select images from your feed section for the carousel feature.

Join Hands With Influencers

Influencer marketing on Instagram is sparking on the platform for a reason of most trustable paid promotion factor. Joining hands with influencers makes brands fix a human face to their business or brand while introducing themselves to new peoples. 

Many brands on the platform use the influencer marketing type to grow their sales. Every brand joins hands with influencers of all sizes and shapes to interact with customers. Influencers for your brand not only help in boosting product awareness but also helps in generating more visuals and reviews of your products.

Think About Your Uploading Frequency

Every brand must regularly upload to maximize the sales on Instagram. It means uploading daily rather than treating the platform as a secondary source. And also, maintaining a good grade of your Instagram algorithm is uploading your content when your target audience and followers are active on the platform.

Though engagement rates vary depending on your business industry and location, there are many tools online to provide ideas on publishing content.

You could fix specific themes in your content calendar rather than searching out new content. For example, here is the sample calendar for your contents to post in terms of inspiration:

  • Monday – Regram your customer image
  • Tuesday – Upload a meme
  • Wednesday – Regram your customer image
  • Thursday – Promote your well-performed story content
  • Friday – Ask your fans about their weekend plans
  • Saturday – Upload your upcoming sale
  • Sunday – Upload your awesome product image.

Bonus Tip

     Promote Your Instagram Everywhere

Rather than working within Instagram potentially, you should spread your presence clear and loud. 

For instance, you already have a standard size following on Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter. Cross-promoting your well-performing content on other social platforms is a fair game. 

Your brand or business’s website is also the perfect place to promote your Instagram via hashtags and social buttons. You could also use the UGC on your website to talk about your social presence to your website audience.

If you acquired an email list, send Instagram-related promos or newsletters to increase your following rates.

What Are You Waiting For?

Selling products on platforms like Instagram is very easy for every brand. We hope you have understood the platform’s landscape through these tactics and tips. 

Assume these working tips into your marketing strategy to drive more sales on Instagram. Fix your target and jump in.

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