15 best Netflix series and shows to watch in 2021

15 Best Netflix series and shows to watch in 2021

You will find hundreds of good TV shows and series of different genres that you can watch on Netflix. So, if you are struggling to decide which best Netflix series and TV shows to watch in 2021, we are here to guide you. So, keep reading.

15 best Netflix series to watch in 2021 are as follows:

1. The Queen’s Gambit

1 season, 7 episodes

The best part of ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ series is, it has only seven episodes. So, you can finish it in one day quickly. This series is about a young orphan girl seeking happiness and joy whenever she goes and the people she gets connected with. It portrays the 1950s-1960′ fashion and the chess matches.

The queen’s gambit/ Netflix

2. The Umbrella Academy

2 season, 20 episode

It is based on the comic book series “The Umbrella Academy.” The story begins with the mysterious birth of forty-three infants from random women having no connection with each other without showing any pregnancy symptoms the day before on a single day in 1989. The billionaire industrialist Sir Reginald Hargreeves adopt the seven children and starts The umbrella Academy to protect the world.

Watch to see how they re-unite despite their dissimilarities to save the world from the apocalypse. It is one of the best Netflix series that you should not miss.

The umbrella academy
The umbrella academy/Netflix

3. Breaking bad

5 season, 62 episode

It is one of the best Netflix series created by Vince Gilligan, taking Walter White (Bryan Cranston) as a chemistry teacher. The story takes twists and turns when White engages in the crystal meth trade after being diagnosed with cancer to leave some money for the family.

Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad/Netflix

4. Stranger things

3 seasons, 25 episodes

‘Stranger things’ is a throwback and love letter to 80’s sci-fi. The story begins when a young boy named Will suddenly vanishes into thin air. The impressive effects, government mystery, and sudden outburst of gigantic-alien- things make the series enjoyable. I will not reveal anything here. Go and watch; you will never feel bore while watching this.

Strangers Things - Best Netflix series
Strangers Things /Netflix

5. Friends

10 season, 236 episodes

‘Friends’ is one of the most popular series of all time on Netflix. It revolves around six best friends who live in New York, their lives, friendship, and love life with hilarious consequences. It will connect you with their lives and make you laugh hard. If you have not watched this show yet, it is the best Netflix series to watch in 2021.


6. The Crown

4 season, 40 episodes

If you want to know about the royal and lavish life, it is the best Netflix series to watch. The crown is one of the expensive Netflix series that represents the early reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Once you begin watching, you will not be able to leave.

The crown- best Netflix series
The crown/ Netflix

7. The witcher

1 season, 8 episodes

‘The witcher’ series is one of the best fantasy shows that you can watch on Netflix. It portrays the struggle of The witcher Geralt, who has become some hybrid creature in the world to find his place.

Witcher/ Netflix

8. Sex education

2 season, 16 episode

It is the best Netflix series for teens. Being a teen can be frustrating, weird, and awkward for many people. This series frankly discuss problem faced by teens, anatomy and sex education in the comic version.

Sex education/Netflix

9. House of cards

6 seasons, 73 episodes

if you are looking for some thrilling political series, then the ‘House of cards’ is the best Netflix series to watch. You will be amazed by the wickedly dark and sharp political conspiracies. The series is about a ruthless congressman and his ambitious wife who wants to be in power in Washington, DC.

House of Cards
House of Cards/ Netflix

10. Money heist

4 season, 38 episodes

It is one of the best series that you can easily watch on Netflix. The story begins when an enigmatic professor and his team plan to carry out the biggest robbery in history.

Money Heist - Best Netflix series
Money Heist/ Netflix

11. Narcos

3 seasons, 30 episode

It is a raw and real-life story representing the drug kingpins during the late 80’s period in Colombia. If you want to know more about the drug mafias and conflicts during that period, it is the best Netflix series.

Narcos /Netflix

12. Emily in Paris

1 season, 10 episodes

‘Emily in Paris’ is one of the best Netflix series. The story revolves around an ambitious girl named Emily from Chicago and the obstacles she faces when she lands in Paris for her job.

Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris/ Netflix

13. Dead to me

2 season, 20 episodes

The story begins when two women of utterly opposite personalities meet at the support group and become friends. The story becomes more thrilling when they started telling their darkest secret.

Dead to me/ Netflix

14. Chef’s Table6 season, 30 episodes

If you love to cook and have not seen the show, then make sure to add it to your queue as soon as possible. It is entirely different than typical cooking shows. It shows the life of the chef along with their food and recipes. Is not it great? It is one of the best Netflix documentary series.

Chef's table
Chef’s table/ Netflix

15. Bloodline

3 season, 33 episodes

Set in Florida, the series ‘Bloodline’ revolves around four adult siblings who are closely connected. But, black sheep brother, when returning to Florida, all the secrets started revealing. It represents the family bonding along with many mysteries.




Choosing only the 15 best Netflix series and TV shows is like collecting water from an ocean. I hope you will like the series mentioned above, and don’t forget to share your best Netflix series with us.

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