10 Startup business Ideas with low investment in Nepal

10 Startup business Ideas with low investment in Nepal

Many people think starting a business requires a considerable investment. But, it’s not true. What you need is to have some excellent startup business ideas. Along with you should have passion and dedication to execute it. Moreover, your idea should be unique and should have demand in the market.

If you are planning to do a startup in Nepal but do not have a high budget. Then, don’t worry, here are some awesome 10 startup business ideas with low investment in Nepal that you can execute.

10 Startup business Ideas with low investment in Nepal:


More than 60% of the people in Nepal are engaged in agriculture. But, contribution to GDP is very low. It is because the majority of them are still involved in subsistence farming. The gap between demand and supply of agricultural produce is tremendous, thus creating enormous opportunities for agribusiness.

 Similarly, you can produce any tropical to temperate fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc., due to diverse geographic and climatic conditions. Also, the Nepal government provides loans and subsidies to the agriculture sector. Therefore, it is one of the top 10 startup business ideas with low investment in Nepal.

startup business ideas


The presence of spectacular Himalayan ranges, geographical variations, abundant natural resources, etc., has made Nepal the best place for ecotourism. By simply utilizing these freely available resources, you can promote ecotourism business. Also, the demand for untouched beauty and nature has increased over the decades. It is one of the best startup business ideas that you can run with low investment.


You might have no idea about it. Dropshipping is all about purchasing, storing, packaging, and shipping a product. It can be a game-changer in your career path if you start correctly.

The best thing about drop shipping is that you can simply buy any product from a third party without worrying about packaging and storage. A third-party supplier will do everything for you. Also, you do not need to create any goods. Thus, it becomes less risky compared to other businesses. Therefore it is one of the best startup business ideas with low investment in Nepal.


If you love to express your emotion by writing, blogging is the best startup idea. Blogging in Nepal has become popular nowadays. With no investment or very minimal amount, you can start your online blogging business. Besides writing, you need some basic ideas about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web hosting, and email marketing. Then you are good to start your business.

startup business ideas- Blogging
startup business ideas- Blogging

Consignment shop

If you are thinking of some portable and low-budget startup business ideas, consider opening a consignment shop. The majority of people in Nepal live in rural areas and have poor economic conditions. In such a scenario, buying second-hand clothes, shoes, bags, electronic gadgets, etc., will save a lot of money.

Focusing this in mind, you can open such shops in different rural areas with minimal investments. You have to buy second-hand products and sell them to needy people at a reasonable price. Before starting your business, make sure to analyze the actual need of people.

Start a Digital Marketing school

Do you think about startup business ideas that will boom in the future in Nepal? Then, digital marketing school is the best option for you. In today’s tech-savvy world, you should have the idea of digital marketing skills to beat your competitors.

In Nepal, the concept of digital marketing has been hyped due to COVID-19 and imposed lockdown. First, you need to be a master of this field. You can learn from the online or training center about it. Then, start a digital school where you can teach different marketing tools to others. It is one of the most profitable startup business ideas with low investment.

Career counselor

It is one of the best startup ideas in Nepal with no or minimal investment. In today’s world, we have lots of opportunities. But, it has also brought complications in choosing the best thing in our life. Being a career counselor, you can give people the best career advice.

Yoga and meditation center

The majority of the people are now concern about their mental and emotional health too. In Nepal, the concept of meditation and yoga centers is not very popular. So, you can be a successful yoga instructor and earn a good amount.

Tourist guide 

Thousands of people visit Nepal from all over the world every year. If you are good at English and well known about some geographical information, you can guide and earn money with less investment.

Garden and landscape designer

It is one of the most astounding startup business ideas that you can start with low investment. Almost everyone dreams of a beautiful house and colorful garden. But, gardening is an art. Nowadays, demand for such designers is an increasing trend in Nepal.

startup business ideas- Garden designer

 These are some of the low investment startup business ideas. What are your startup ideas? Don’t forget to share with us.

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