10 Nepali Documentary to watch in lockdown

Physically, we might be trapped inside our homes but our mind has that potential to explore around the world. There are several vlogs and documentary that takes you far away. The documentary depicts the reality and problems in our society which you have never even thought of. The stories of some ordinary person, their struggles, their life story, and the ground reality. Here are 10 Nepali Documentary to watch in lockdown

1) Marisakeko Manche 

The beautiful documentary by Herne Katha, Marisakeko Manche revolves around the story of two families living on the east and west of Nepal and how fate intervenes in bringing happiness to one and sorrow to the other. It is a story of life and death, unimaginable sorrows, surprises, and some measure of comfort and happiness.

2)  Nepal: The Great Plunder

This beautiful documentary by Alja Zeera depicts the problem of the smuggling of ancient god statues in Nepal. These ancient gods statues are stolen and smuggled to the western market. On the global art market, Himalayan statues of religious deities fetch millions of dollars. But to the Nepalese, they are living Gods who have been stolen from their communities. The locals feel their identity and beliefs are sold off to some dollars. These identities are priceless. The issue is big but nothing has been done so far.

3)  Most Dangerous ways to school

So, you think you are having a hard time studying. This documentary would make you think about it again. These students from the rural villages have to go on daily adventures just to study. These kids are dedicated to learn and go to school even if it means waking up early, walk for hours, and even ready to sacrifice themselves passing through a deadly river just to go to school.

4) The only son

This beautiful documentary by Simonka De Jong beautifully depicts the dilemma of the only son to chose between the two worlds he is living in. Born in one of the remote areas of Nepal, Karang village of Dolpo, Pema Gurung was sent to a child care home in Kathmandu. But as he grows up, being the only son in his family, he is in dilemma either to go back to his hometown to take the family responsibility or to follow his dream.

5)  Sex Trafficking: Sex Trade in Nepal

Human trafficking is a serious issue in Nepal. Due to the open borders and lack of awareness, many Nepali sisters are sold off in India as a sex trade. While there are organizations like Maiti Nepal that help these sex trafficked victims but the mental trauma for these victims are uncomparable. This documentary by vice helps in figuring out why Nepali sisters are disappearing and what has been done to prevent it.

6) Deadliest roads

This documentary by free documentary depicts the road conditions of Nepal and how it has severely affected the education, health, and lifestyle of people. Every day is a risk traveling through these deadliest roads but people have to take these risks daily to earn their living.

7) Kidney Valley

This documentary depicts organ trafficking in Nepal. Kavre province of Nepal has been dubbed as the ‘Kidney Valley’. Organ traffickers here tempt impoverished villagers with the prospect of easy money, promising that their organs will grow back. At least one family member in nearly every household has sold a kidney on the black market.

8) Facing the giant bees

This documentary covers the stories of brave honey hunters. In the northwest of Nepal, men scale the vertiginous rock faces of the Himalayas to gather the honey of wild bees. These expert climbers risk their lives every spring at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters where they face the giant Apis Laboriosa bees, the biggest species on the planet.

9) Greater Nepal in Quest of boundary

Greater Nepal in Quest of boundary is the documentary directed by Manoj Pandit. This documentary shows the issues of border encroachment by India and the real boundary of Nepal before the Anglo-Nepal war. The greater Nepal is also an initiative to gain back all the areas Nepal had lost during the war to Britain but was captured by India. This documentary claims the British had canceled all their treaties before leaving India.

10) Nepal’s Mighty Gurkhas

Every year, thousands of young Nepalese men endure grueling physical training, punishing runs, and relentless scrutiny for what they see as a chance of a lifetime – the opportunity to become a Gurkha soldier in the British Army. This documentary depicts the brutal selection process, the motivation, and dedication to become the British Gurkha.