10 Delicious Newari food that you must try.

Newar people are known for their culture, festivals, and their delicious delicacies. Newari food are delicious and are gaining popularity in local restaurants. Let’s take look at the Newari food that you must try.

10) Kwati


Kwati is Newari food enriched with nutrition. It is a mixed soup of nine types of sprouted beans.It is particularly consumed at the festival of Gunhi Punhi .It is rich in proteins and thus, is eaten for health benefits .It consists of mung bean , chickpea, soyabean pea , rice bean , black eyed pea , red kidney bean , black lentils,faral beans, and green beans .

9) Takha

Takha is a meat soup that has coagulated into a jelly. Buffalo stew is made with bones with extra flavor with gelatinous skin attached for more flavor. It is then mixed with citric food namely Jhamsi to create a jelly-like texture. It is prepared in small gatherings. It is a unique Newari food.

8) Kachila 

Kachyu in Newari means Raw and La means meat. Thus, Kachila is raw minced meat. It is marinated with spices such as garlic, coriander, chili, and salt.It is eaten as a snack and appetizer on special occasions.

7) Gwaramari 

Gwara in Newari means round and Mari means bread. So, it a round loaf of bread made up of flour, baking powder, and salt and deep-fried in oil. It is a breakfast snack and is easily found in the streets of Kathmandu Valley in morning. It tastes the best when eaten with tea. This Newari food is like local Newari bread.

6) Choyela 

Choyela is spiced grilled buffalo meat. It is usually eaten with rice flakes or beaten rice. It is prepared with garlic, spices, and green onions. This Newari food is very spicy hot and mouth-watering.

5) Woh 

Woh is lentil pancake. It is made with one-star ingredient Black Lentils. The black lentil is soaked for a night and ground into smooth paste to make a batter and cooked in oil. It can be topped with minced meat, egg, and vegetables. It is eaten on special occasions such as in Guthi and pujas. But nowadays, Woh is Newari food that can be easily found in local restaurants.

4) Yomari 

Yomari is the sweet dumpling. It is a sweet dish best served hot. .It is made up of rice dough which is shaped as Fig and filled with sweeteners like Chaku and khuwa. It is traditionally prepared in Yomati Punhi and special occasions like Birthdays. But now, Yomari can be easily found in local restaurants.

3) Chatamari 

Chatamari is known as Newari pizza. It is a crepe made from rice flour and is eaten as a snack or appetizer in Newari pujas and festivals. It is compulsory in puja and is offered to god. Nowadays, Chatamari is topped with different toppings like Pizza and can be easily found in local restaurants.

2) Samay Baji 

Samay Baji is authentic traditional Newari food. It is a starter for special occasions. It is a set of Newari foods such as marinated boiled potato, Newari achar, beans, saag, woh, choyela, and beaten rice. It is eaten during pujas and festivals but now can be easily found in local restaurants.

1) Momo cha 

Momo is a popular Newari food that is eaten all over Nepal. Momo is not authentic Newari food but was adapted from dumplings when Newari merchants traveled to Tibet. They modified the dumplings and gave their own flavor. The Newari dumplings are flavorful with filling with minced buffalo meat.