Top 10 Best Nepali Apps That Makes Your Daily Life Easier

best nepali apps

Today, the whole world is within your fingertip. One of the greatest inventions the 21st-century is a Smartphone that allows you to live your life much more comfortably.  The one thing that comes up with a smartphone is Application also called “App” in short. Today, there’s an app for almost everything from shopping, online transaction, day to day activities, cab and so on. Mobile App allows us to solve problems within a minute that could take hours and hours.

There are billions of smartphone user around the world. And to facilitate those users, there are thousands of app developers who have been solving the people’s problem by developing innovative apps.

In the context of Nepal too, with the increasing numbers of smartphone users, app developers are launching innovative mobile applications that solve typical Nepali problems.

If you don’t have the following Nepali apps in your smartphone then you’re missing out. Here, I have listed the top best 10 Nepali apps which are worth using so as to make your daily life much easier.

10 Best Nepali Apps in 2019

1. E-Sewa/Khalti

esewa and khalti

Esewa and Khalti are two main online payment gateways apps in Nepal. Before you download e-Sewa or Khalti know about the difference between e-Sewa and Khalti. These two apps allow you to pay utility bills, buy online tickets, buy online products, top-up and many more. Basically, there two apps are a digital wallet, which means you can pay online with a simple tap. With these apps, you can pay, send and receive money from their mobile phone and internet, instantly

I know for most people in urban areas, these apps are common. However, if you don’t have yet. Register today and get the app now.

Download e-Sewa App

Download Khalti App

2. Hamro Patro

hamro patro

Hamro Patro is a top app with the highest number of download in Nepali App history. It is basically a utility app by hamropatro.com. A multicultural and Multilingual Nepali calendar which presents each and every Nepali festival, cultural events, forex rates, FM radios, prompt updates of world news, reviews, blogs, date converter, gold silver rates, daily horoscopes, podcasts, and daily horoscopes.


  • Nepali Patro
  • Nepali FM Radios
  • Nepali Panchanga
  • Hamro Audio
  • News Update
  • Foreign Exchange Rate
  • Gold and Silver Price
  • Horoscope/Zodiac
  • Literature Blog

Download Hamro Patro

3. Hamro Keyboard

hamro keyboard

Hamro Keyboard is a Nepali keyboard for all of us who love the Nepali language. You can use this keyboard to write Nepali text in any app. No need to copy and paste. With Hamro Nepali Keyboard, you can type Nepali directly to any app. The app supports three keyboard layouts, Unicode Transliteration, MPP based Romanized layout, and traditional layout. App also features Emoji support, Stickers, Themes and Numeric Keypad with the latest update.

Now, Type in Nepali and help your friends to type in Nepali. Let’s promote the Nepali language by typing in Nepali.

Download Hamro Keyboard

4. Tootle


Congested roads? Inconvenient public vehicles? Overpriced taxi services? Tootle is here for you! Tootle is a ride-sharing app within Kathmandu valley that connects people who are looking for a ride with people who are willing to share their ride in two-wheelers.

Tootle app helps you to book the easiest and fastest ride available, avoiding wait time, unlike public transportation. Download the app now and get a ride to your destination.

Download Tootle Today 

5. Foodmandu

foodmandu logo

Foodmandu is the first on-demand food delivery service provider in Nepal which is in operation for the last 8 years. You can order your favorite food from hundreds of best restaurants in Kathmandu and Lalitpur through our App and get your order delivered right at your door-step fast and fresh.


  • Order food from the widest range of restaurants with just a few taps.
  • Explore over 50,000+ food items from restaurants providing various cuisines.
  • Simplified Quick search by either name of food or restaurants.
  • Multicart functionality to help you plan simultaneous order form multiple restaurants.
  • Favorite button, to mark your favorite restaurants or food for easy and quick access.
  • Integrated Google Map to set your location for delivery.

Download Foodmandu

6. Nepali Dictionary

nepali dictionary

In the list of best Nepali apps, here is Nepali Dictionary. This app includes two dictionaries – English-English-Nepali Dictionary and Nepali-English Dictionary. Both of these are based on highly cited books authored by Choodamani Gautam.


  • Comprehensive Word List
  • Completely offline
  • Both-way-Dictionary
  • Learning Word Pronunciations
  • Image and Illustration
  • Word Games

Download Nepali Dictionary

7. Daraz Online Shop

daraz nepal

Daraz is No 1 online shopping platform in Nepal with thousands of products listed online. I personally use this app for searching for a wide variety of products. Daraz Online Shopping App is very easy to use, better User Interface and Fast loading. It has got features like any other world-class brands like Amazon, Alibaba, Flipkart except online payment option. But this is a very good app to have while you need to search for a particular product. And you can directly fo the physical store to pick it up.

Download Daraz Online Shopping

8. Ludo Neo-Classic

ludo neo classic

The first ever Nepali variant of Ludo game available for mobile. It has both classic and new modern design + Nepali / Indian local rules along with international rules. Lots of options/rules for customization according to your need is possible.

This is the popular app with over 10 Million+ download that entertain you while you are bored.


  • Added rules/options which are played and popular in Nepal.
  • Option to show safe block(square) which is represented by a star icon.
  • Option to get another turn on both dice number 1 (Pot) and 6 (Chhakka).
  • 3 consecutive rolls of 1 kill one own playing coin.
  • 3 consecutive rolls of 6 bring a coin out if all coins are in the yard.
  • All the rules are optional so you can play both the international version or Nepali version or your own customized version according to your desire.
  • Classic sketch marks design with wooden or whiteboard.
  • New modern design with wooden or whiteboard.
  • Option to choose the dice number (1-6) which will start the token(coin).
  • Option to choose the number of coins to be played (from 2 to 4).
  • Dice changing color according to the color of actual player on turn.
  • Variety of rules to meet your own taste of gaming experience.
  • Multiplayer in the same device (up to 4 players).
  • Play against CPU.
  • Real Dice: you can play with real dice, throw the real dice, input the result back to the app manually by tapping the dice buttons.
  • The user can leave the game if he doesn’t want to play during the gameplay.
  • Gameplay progress is saved automatically, you can resume the game later even after the app is closed.
  • Low MB of package size, Lightweight and fast.

Download Ludo Neo-Classic

9. Onlinekhabar


In the list of best Nepali mobile apps, I put in Onlinekhabar as it is number 1 news portal from Nepal, has made a landmark achievement in reaching Nepalese community the world over in a short span of time. Onlinekhabar.com keeps updating political, economic, social and entertainment-related events every single second. It is particularly viewed within Nepal and in Nepalese-populated community in different 140 countries.

Download Onlinekhabar

10. Bank App

I list this in best Nepali app list because the one you have a bank account, it is easier to send funds, receive funds and ever load funds to e-Sewa accounts. Now every bank has got its own app that allows you to top up phones, pay bills, transfer money from one bank to another.

Wrapping up!

Besides above-listed apps, there is another useful app too like NEPSE, FYMO, Net TV, Radio Nepali, and so on. But many of the apps are developed for targeted groups of people so you can use it as per your requirements.

On the other hand, there are other alternatives of some of the above-listed apps too. Which are –

Nepali Dictionary Learn English – Nepali Dictionary, English to Nepali Dictionary

Foodmandu – Foodmario, Bhojdeals, Voklaagyo, FYMO

Hamro Patro – Nepali Patro

Onlinekhabar – Annapurna post, Nagariknews, Ekantipur