10 Romantic❣️and Best Dating Spots in Dharan

Dharan is a beautiful city located in Sunsari District. It is one of the cleanest and greenest cities in Nepal.There is so much that this place offers rather than it being the managed and cleanest city in Nepal. If you are planning to visit Dharan city with your loved ones, We present you with 10 romantic and best dating spots in Dharan where you can chill and spend some quality time.

1. Dharan clock tower

Dharan Clock Tower is located in Bhanuchowk in Dharan. 76 feet tall clock tower resembles the clock tower of Hongkong. You can visit the clock tower for its beautiful landmark and for the magnificent view of the Dharan city from the top.

2.Vijayapur Hill

Vijayapur Hill is the beautiful place to visit with your loved one. You can see amazing view of Dharan City from there . You can hike to the hill from 15 minutes walk east from Bhanu chowk .It is a peaceful escape from the busy city to enjoy the fresh air of the nature and to chill in the laps of nature .You can spend some quality time with your loved ones with the beautiful view of Dharan City from the top.

3.Chinde Dada

Chinde dada is beautiful hill point from where you can see the beautiful view of Dharan City and Saptakoshi river for far.It is best place to chill out in peaceful nature .You can spend some quality time with your loved ones in Chinde Dada with the beautiful view of Dharan city.

4.Shiv Jatta

Shiv Jatta is one of the underrated beautiful places in Dharan. You can reach Shiv Jatta with a 20-30 minutes hike from zero point in Dharan. It is a beautiful place with a small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and a beautiful waterfall. It is the best to place to chill out in laps of nature with your loved ones.

5.British Gorkha Memorial Park

British Gorkha Memorial Park is located northwest of Dharan bazaar. It is located at 600 meters high in Machha Mara Danda. The park is beautiful and nestles in laps of nature. It is a peaceful place to chill out with your loved ones and to spend some quality time there.


Bhedetar is a beautiful hill station located at the height of 1420m. Bhedetar is around 17 km away from Dharan Bazaar. It is an all-weather travel point and you can enjoy a beautiful view. There are recreational activities such as paragliding and zipline available in bhedetar. If you want to add some spice to your dating, you can try paragliding and zipline.

The paragliding has been in operation since 2015. You need to preorder your flight with Dharan Sky Adventure Paragliding which would cost Rs. 6000 for Nepalese and foreigners. The flight starts from 1250 meters above sea level and lands at 390 meters height of Dharan-14, Bijayapur. Zipline came into operation on 7 March 2020. This 650-meter-long zip line starts from the welcome gate of Bhedetar and descends to Debhithan of Dharan-4. The zipline would cost you about  Rs. 1200 to 2000.

7.Namaste Falls

Namaste waterfall is a beautiful waterfall near Bhedetar. It is just 9 kilometers away from the main bazaar of Bhedetar and can be reached with 15 minutes walk from the highway. This waterfall is about 50 meters tall and is frequented by travelers both from Nepal and India. It is the best place for dating as you can enjoy the beautiful waterfall with your loved ones.

8.Buddha Subba Temple

Budha Subba Temple or Budha Subba is a famous religious shrine of the eastern people of Nepal . It is located at Bijayapur of Dharan, Nepal. The site is located on the top of the Seuti river bank. It is said that your wishes come true when you visit this temple. It is the best place to visit with your loved ones and get a blessing from god.

9. Yalambar Park

Yalambar park is a beautiful park located in Dharan .It is best for chilling out and for picnics.You can also partake in the offerings of a mini-zoo complete with a playground and a children’s park.There are different species of animals and birds in the zoo such as peacock, deer, dhanesh , huchil etc .There is a manmade pond with different fishes.You can chill out in this park and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

10. B.P Park/ Osho Park

Osho Park is one of the beautiful and popular parks located in Dharan. The popularity of this place boomed after the construction of the Wildlife diversity park .It is the perfect place to chill out and spend a good time with your loved ones . The flower bridge in Osho park is picturesque due to the way it has been decorated and many come here to take decent pictures.It is the best place to chill out and to capture some Instagram/Facebook worthy photos.