Top 10 Nepali Actors Of All Time – 2018 (Updated)

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There are some Nepali celebrities in Nepalese movie industry who are famous for their versatility and beautiful personality.  Those Nepali actors who have successfully establish themselves as one of the counted celebrity in the Nepalese film industry.  Here, we are presenting top 10 Nepali actors of all time base on the talent, google search, Facebook likes and their popularity among the Nepalese peoples.

Top 10 Nepalese Actors of All Time 

1. Rajesh Hamal

Rajesh Hamal is known as Superstar of Nepalese film industry. He was born on june 4, 1965 in Tansen, Palpa, Nepal. Referred in the media as the “Shankhar”, “Rajesh Dai” and “Maha Nayak”. He started his acting career with a lead role  in Yug Dekhi Yug Samma in 1991. Likewise, some  of the hit movies of Hamal’s are Kasam, Deuta, Basanti, Hami tin Bhai, Mousam etc. He has received many awards for his acting.

Rajesh Hamal
Rajesh Hamal

2. Bhuwan K.C

Bhuwan K.C is Nepali Actor, producer and director. He was born on 23 August 1957 in Kathmandu Nepal. He started his acting career from the movie Shamjhana which is the commercially successful movie. He is the one of the superstar of Nepali film industry.For past few years he has been producing films. His latest movie is KRI.

Bhuwan KC
Bhuwan KC

3. Sunil Thapa

Sunil Thapa is known as “Rate Kaila” in Nepalese film industry. He was born in 19 may 1957. He started his modeling career in 1974 in Bombay. During those days, he was the professional football player for ICL club Bombay. He has appear in Nepalese and Bolleywood films. He started his career from the bollywood movie Ek Duje Ke Liya. He is popular for negative role in Nepalese film industry.

Sunil Thapa
Sunil Thapa

4. Nikhil Upreti

Nikhil Upreti is well-known for his stunts in Nepalese movies. He was born in 10 August 1980 in Sarlahi. He started his career from the movie Pindaja was a super hit movie released in 2000, in which he jumped off from the seventh floor of Manipal hospital. He has received many award for his acting.

Nikhil Upreti
Nikhil Upreti

5. Shiva Shrestha

Shiva Shrestha is known as Thuldai in Nepalese film industry. He is famous for his versatility in various action and romantic movies and also acted at various Pakistani movies. He was awarded the best lead actor in Nepali film by former queen Komal Shah.

Shiva Shrestha
Shiva Shrestha

6.Shree Krishana Shrestha

Shree Krishana Shrestha is the famous Nepalese actor. He was born in 19 April 1967 and died in 10 August 2014. He started his career from his movie Nirmaya in 1996. Some of his popular movies are Maiti, A Mero Hajur, Aafno Manchhe, Kohinoor etc. Shree Krishna Shrestha made is identity not only as good actor but also as good dancer.

Shree Krishna Shrestha
Late Shree Krishna Shrestha

7. Saugat Malla

Saugat Malla is Nepalese film actor and director. He was born in 10 August 1976 on Nawalparasi, Nepal and popular by the name “Haku Kale”. He started his acting career from the movie Kagbeni. Some of the popular movies of Malla are Loot, Chadke, Kabaddi, Kabaddi-kabaddi, Kagbeni etc.

Saugat Malla
Saugat Malla

8. Dayahang Rai

Dayahang Rai is actor, director and play writer. He was born on 13 April 1980 in Khawa, Bhojpur.  He has received three National Award for best supporting actor in 2009. Best actor 2015 for Sambodhan and 2016 for Kabaddi-Kabaddi movies. Some of the hit movies of Dayahang Rai are Loot, Dashdhunga, Badshala, Jhole, Kabaddi, Kabaddi-kabaddi etc.

Daya Hang Rai
Daya Hang Rai receiving best actor award

9. Neer Shah

Nir Shah or Neer Bikram Shah is a famous movie actor, producer, director, lyricist, poet, script writer and businessman.  He is also the founder of NTV, the first TV station in Nepal.  Shah was also the co-producer of Caravan, the Oscar nominated movie. Caravan was co-produced and directed by the French movie maker Eric Valli.

Nir Bikram Shah
Nir Bikram Shah

10. Anmol K.C.

Finally, we have Anmol K.C is the Nepalase actor and producer. He was born on 30 march 1994 in Kathmandu and known for his appearance in romantic movies. Due to his craze in Nepali film industry he is the highest paid actor of Nepal till date. He started his acting career from the movie Hostel in 2013. Some of the super hit movies of Anmol are Hostel, Jerry, Dreams, Gajalu. He has received many national award for his acting. Recently he acted in Movie KRI.

Anmol KC
Anmol KC in KRI


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  1. Except for Anmol KC, I agree with the list. Anmol is a making a huge impact in the industry right now, however, I think he is not in the all the top 10 actors list, just yet. He is very popular, but I think he still has a lot to learn in terms of acting. I think Dilip Rayamajhi should be on the list instead of Anmol. Dilip has given some of the all the blockbuster movies. His comic timing, dancing skills are well known by everyone. And Also, I think Shree Krishna Shrestha should come before Nikhil.
    My list (my opinion) would look like:
    1) Rajesh Hamal (Maha Naya for many reasons: )
    2) Shree Krishna Shrestha (Very talented actor and dancer)
    3) Bhuwan KC (Had huge contribution to Nepali film industry before we got Rajesh Hamal)
    4) Sunil Thapa (Nepali film industry did not recognize actors in the Negative role that often. However, Sunil Thapa and Neer Shah were only actors who were able to get recognization because of their talent.)
    5) Neer Shah
    6) Shiva Shrestha (Gave some beautiful movies in the early 80s)
    7) Dilip Rayamajhi (He is one of the finest Nepali actor industry ever produced. He has given some blockbuster films like Darpan Chaya and Muglan). He has very good acting skills along with a brilliant comic timing, and was the best dancer in the industry.)
    8) Daya Hang Rai (I think he should be within the top 5, but most of the time does similar kind of role so I am keeping him down here.)
    9) Saugat Malla (very good actor)
    10) Nikhil Upreti (He is one of the best action heroes)

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