Top 10 Dance Crew From Nepal 2018

Top 10 Dance Crew From Nepal 2018:

From the past few years, we see lots of dance crew born in Nepal. The craze of dance in the recent days has been raised with the growth of social media specially Youtube and Facebook. Different dance crew members have brought mixture of the cultural Nepali and western Hip-Hop dance in the field. We have listed  top 10 best dance crew from Nepal and ranking in the basis of their popularity and views.

#1. The Wild Ripperz Crew

The Wild Ripperz Crew

The wild Ripperz Crew is 1st runner up of Dance Plus Season 2. First crew to represent Nepal in Indian dancing reality show.This crew has to total of 13 crew members. This crew has placed in the 1st runner up in Dance Plus season 2, Winner of India’s Best Dance Crew 2016 and Winner of India’s Biggest (V) fest 2015.

The team member includes Ron Singh, Kiran Singh, Surain Rai, Buddha Lama, Sagar Rai, Santosh Darji, Saul James, Suraj Ido, Suman syangtan, Pawan Singh, Ganesh Mali, Harikesh Kori, KETAN KAPOOR. Because of the platform they are performing this crew ma top place in the list of Top 10 Dance Crew From Nepal.

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#2. Cartoonz Crew

Best Dance Crew In Nepal

Cartoonz Crew is the one and only best dance crew based in kathmandu Nepal. Each and every dance they perform grab the Trending #1 in Youtube Nepal. This team was formed back in 2010 with team members including Sabin Karki beest, Saroj Adhikari, Ashma BK, Bikash Rai, Lakpa D Lama, Ram Gurung, Subin Adhikari. Cartoonz Crew is a B-Boying/Hip-Hop Dance Crew who have won following titles in dance field.

BOTY Nepal 2012/13- Battle,Best Show Winner!!
BOTY Nepal 2013- Battle, Runner Up.
R16 Nepal 2014-Battle, Runner Up.
World Leisure Games 2015, Streetdance- Silver medal.

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#3. Sabin Karki “Beest” and Crew

Best Dance Crew In Nepal

These team has huge fan following in Nepal after their dance performance in Viral Vaidiyo. Sabin Karki “Beest” a former crew member of The Cartoonz Crew has formed this group. This group are now busy performing in the various show across the Nepal. This group member includes Sabik Karki “Beest”, Diksha Thakuri (8 Years old), Merry Khatri, Sarbina Gurung Flow, Xiring Theeng and Shankar Kakku Dhungana.

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  #4. The NEXT Team (NEpalese-EXtreme)

Best Dance Crew In Nepal

The NeXt is abbreviated after the Nepalese extreme , which truly aims to provide the quality of entertainment.This team is Sydney based Nepali dance group specialized in true entertainment. Officially formed in 2014, with the motto of keep the “awe!” factor up and leave a positive impact on the viewers. Working on meeting the expectations each and every time. This team came into limelight after cover dance of Jaalma. Some of the best dance by this crew are MithoFUNTASTIC (PANI PARYO) and Nepathya Song. 

Crew members include Pradeep Lama, Amit Bajracharya, Prabha Dawadi, Surakcha Thapa, Amar Tamang (Dovz),Shazia Miya,  Tsering Angmo, Suchana Paudel.

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#5. Bhimphedi Guys

Best Dance Crew In Nepal

Bhimphedi Guys are Nepal based dance crew who have performed in dozens of Nepali music videos. This team are very energetic dance team with their own identity in the dance field.The crew member includes leader Nirmal Lama, Mithun Lama, Bisaan Lama, Anjan Lama, Manjit Lama, Sabin Lama.

This crew made number 5th position in the list of Top 10 Best Dance Crew From Nepal.

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#6. Kristal Klaws

Best Dance Crew In Nepal

Kristal Klaws dance crew is Pokhara based dance crew. Recently this team has won the Cover dance competition of Mr. Jholey film organized by the Cinema Arts Nepal. The team member includes leader Sandesh Jung Rana, Dev Gurung, Prakriti Magar, Kushal Nepali, Sudhir Nepali and Prabin Magar. Some of the best dance by this crew are Bau Bajeko Palama, Nira cover Dance, Jali Rumal etc. These group are one of the rising star of Nepal.

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#7. VIBE & WAVE -Dance Studio Nepal

Best Dance Crew In Nepal

This is studio based dance crew of Nepal.This team has energetic and creative team member who produces best moves and creativity. This team is not official dance crew team rather they run dance class however, they also perform cover dance from the studio. This team led by choreographer Rahul Shah.

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STRUKPOP is also a winner of KPOP WORLD FESTIVAL 2016.This crew members includes Suresh Moktan, Suman Rai, Alek Tamang, Mizel Raj Pradhan, Prakash Rai, Priya Limbu, Ashish Tamang, Santosh Shah Thakuri. 

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#9. The New Ktm Dance Studio


This is newly formed dance group based in kathmandu Nepal. Formolly the group were associated with the Aashis Malla youtube channel. Now this group are associated with The New Ktm Dance Studio. This team has made number 9 position in the list of Top 10 Best Dance Crew From Nepal.

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#10. De Dyanamic Crew

This crew made number 10 position in the list ofTop 10 Best Dance Crew From Nepal.  The energetic team member includes ipak Narayan Singh Bibek Thing (A.k.A Bboy Like) Ravi Thapa Magar (A.K.A Bboy Clown) Ravi Bholan (A.k.A Bboy Duuke) Sudip Chaudhary.

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