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Devi Nidhi Saraswat

Devi Nidhi Saraswat- Who Became Social Media Viral in Nepal

Recently, you might have noticed a cute girl, forehead painted with yellow color, charming smile in Nepali Social Pages of Facebook, right? I am sure! …

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Barsha Raut

Barsha Raut | Full Biography, Age, Height, Relationship, Education

Barsha Raut is a Nepali actress and model. The beautiful actress of Nepali Film Industry Barsha is best known for her gorgeous smile, expression, and…

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Best players to watch in the FIFA World Cup 2018

Best Players to watch in FIFA 2018 Pemba Tshiring Sherpa The world cup in Russia will be a host to the greatest players in world…

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World Cup 2018 Russia

FIFA 2018 Russia | Count Down To The Biggest Sports Event in The World

Pemba Tshering Sherpa The biggest football tournament in the world is only a month away and players from all around the world have been fighting…

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EVD result 2019

EDV Result 2019 – DV Lottery Winner 2075 With Namelist

The result of the Electronic Diversity Visa (EDV) for 2019 has been published. Embassy if the United States of America has informed that the result…

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Saugat Malla

Saugat Malla | Full Biography, age, Height, Relationship, Education

Saugat Malla is one of the versatile, talented and popular actor in Nepalese Movie Industry. He debuts in the industry since 2008 and most recognized…

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Sushant Khatri

Sushant Khatri | Full Biography, Age, Height, Relationship, Education

Sushant Khatri is a well-known dancer from Nepal. Sushant is struggling for his career in India as a dancer. He is participating in many different…

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Reecha Sharma

Reecha Sharma | Full Biography, Age, Height, Relationship

Reecha Sharma is a Nepali actress, model, and VJ. She is one of the beautiful and talented actress in Nepali Film Industry. Richa was also…

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buddha jayanti wishes

Buddha Jayanti 2018 | Wishes, Quotes, Cards, Status Collection

Buddha Jayanti is a special day for Buddhists around the world. On this day people celebrate the life of Lord Buddha; his Birth, Enlightenment and Mahaparinirvana (Death). Lumbini,…

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Amit Agrawal Youth Profile

Amit Agrawal – Youth Profile | Nepali Trends

Amit Agrawal is Nepali technology entrepreneur best known for  CEO of Janaki Technology Pvt. Ltd. which operates three major products Khalti (Digital Wallet), Sparrow SMS,…

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