KRI Movie Poster Released Featuring Aditi Budathoki

KRI movie poster

Kri Movie Poster 

This year’s most awaiting Anmol KC star film Kri Movie Poster has been released today. The first version of poster has been already released few months ago but this time Aditi also included in second version of the poster. Movies’ trailer will be released on Friday.Star Anmol KC and Aditi Budathoki’s most awaiting film’s poster raised the curiosity among audience.

Kri Movie in short 
FilmKri (कृ)
GenreAction, Romantic
Produced ByBhuwan KC
Subash Giri
Co-ProducerShree Parajuli
Directed BySurendra Paudel
Executive ProducerKamal Giri
StarringAnmol KC
Aditi Budathoki
Saroj Khanal
Anup Bikram Sahi
Rupa Rana
Kameshwor Chaurasia
CinematographyPurushottam Pradhan
Action / FightChandra Pant
BannerSubas Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
Shooting Duration104 Days
Total BudgetHighest Budget Movie in Nepali Film History
Presented ByThe Super Kajol Films
Release DateFebruary 9, 2017
Release RegionAll over Nepal
Poster DesignTauwa Creations

Movie will be released from February 9 all over Nepal. Star Anmol KC has been featured in different get up in this movie. Some clips of the action is already gone viral in social media.





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