GoatVenture A Typical Nepali Mobile Game Launched

GoatVenture game

Goat venture Game Layout

GoatVenture Game by Sroth Code Games is launched on 18th of October. Sroth Code Games is Nepal based game development company who is famous for developing games that represent Nepali historical culture and background. This game is based on one of the Biggest festival “Dashain” where people consume goat meat. This game explores the goat sacrificing aspects of the Dashain. Sroth Code Game says that this game is available for Android only but developers ensure that iOS version of the game will be launched soon.

Game play and control

In GoaVenture game, basically, you play as a goat. You get coins and different men on the way, You just need to eat coins to get a high score but you need to be safe from men.This is a very basic game that everybody can play.

-Tap in right to kill men and rocks.

-Tap in the left to jump and eat coin.

-Jump in mushroom to fly and move forward.

Layout of GoatVenture Game
The layout of GoatVenture Game

User’s say

Definitely, this is not world class game with high-end graphics and options but we can say that this is nice try a least. The game’s performance and strategy should update soon. A lot of users comment that the game is laggy and slow in response. I also kinda find that of course game lags in when you make jump the goat. Although some users comment negatively we need to appreciate this because we are Nepali and we need to support Nepali developers.

My say 

First of all, I appreciate about this game because none of the games of products is high end at the beginning. All product start from very basic concept and output. GoatVenture is also a nice start, but again, I must say that before monetizing the game right now, the gameplay is graphics should be upgraded because what I found is I frequently get pop up ads in each break which may not be a good experience for users. Although a lot of smartphone users out there in the market, we get thousands of other good quality games in play store. So user retention might be the challenge for the company.

List of games developed by Sroth Code game

-Haku Run:  Based on the Nepali blockbuster movie “Loot”.Haku Run game has more than 10000 downloads.Tap Turn, Tile Swap is also developed by South Code Game.

Game download links

Haku Run

“Sroth Code Games is a mobile game development startup based in Kathmandu, Nepal inspired by Nepali Art/Culture and Hindu Mythology”



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