Facebook Messenger Was Down Again For Second Time

Kakani Nuwakot


Popular instant messaging App “Messenger” by Facebook is appeared to be down on Tuesday evening again.This is second time of this week that Messenger down.The issue affected billions of Facebook users all over the planet, with thousands of users reporting the fault. According to their logs, Messenger first went down at 6:19 EST.

“Messages won’t send nor can I receive messages. None of my conversations can be seen and no previous messages are loading, just a blank screen,” wrote one user.Although messenger went down, Facebook’s regular service appeared to be working. Many user’s posted in the Facebook wall about this issue and hundreds of hapless users flocked to Twitter to vent their frustration.

Messenger Shut Down
Messenger Went Down Again

“Messenger has stopped working on all of my devices,” says another Facebook user.Speaking about the previous issues, a statement from Facebook Messenger said: “On Thursday Nov.30 just after midnight Pacific time we became aware that a few people were having issues with their Messenger accounts.




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